2′ inch insulated Haas garage door

This door has an insulation value of R17.66, the frosted glass let’s the light in, and still maintains privacy. Perfect to keep the garage comfortable, and now an a/c drop can be added to the room for comfort.

Entry Doors and Windows

A Plus is now offering entry doors and windows to our garage door team. The picture above is a work in progress to match the mahogany garage door panel to the left. Once the top coat is applied, the door will lighten up to match. Thanks to our partners at Lifetime Cabinets for the staining, …

New garage door

We have no before pictures of this new garage door, because it was just a blue tarp. This customer is in the process of fixing up this foreclosed home. We are happy to of been apart this renovations. This is a Haas bead board door with optional decorative hardware.

Another quality Job

We don’t just replace your garage door, we give your house a face lift. The garage door covers the most front facing square footage of your house. It makes the most dramatic improvement of the front of your home. It’s the most bang for your buck. Dress that home up and give A Plus a …

Vietnam veteran we salute you, 173rd Airborne Infantry.

We always take care of our valued veteran customers. Earl entrusted us with the replacement of his old outdated garage door. We used a model 2580 Haas garage door to upgrade and secure Earl’s home. Earl is still fighting a battle with Leukemia, but we know he’s going to soldier up to win this battle. …

Garage door transformation

This week’s garage door transformation is one of our own. It’s amazing how much of a difference just a door can make. This Haas mahogany gallery series door is a great addition to any house. Stay tuned for more pictures when the entry door and driveway is stained.

Detached garage doors

We can dress up that detached garage too. The garage door covers the largest square footage of the openings on your home. It makes the most drastic improvement just from installing a new standard door. Call A Plus today for your quote.

Commercial garage door service

This is our newest member of our team Tyler. He is having a go at this commercial service repair job. We are proud to say the job went well.