Damaged garage door section by customer.

Here is a good example of why you want a professional to repair your garage door. Skipping a step on the YouTube video you watched may cost you a small fortune. This customer just purchased this door from us a year ago, forgot to do his annual service as instructed, then attempted the repair himself, …

garage door opener circuit board and capacitor.

This is the internals of your garage door openers circuitry. Everything inside of the opener. that is pluged into your 110v outlet steps down to 24v. What this means is, it’s very important to protect with some sort of surge protection. Power surges account for about 50% of garage door opener issues.

Haas polystyrene insulated garage door

Another successful job completed by A Plus garage door service. Haas Garage doors have other insulation options besides poly urethane, if you’re looking to save some money, we have an option for everyone.

Commercial mini storage garage door

This shed is now complete with this mini storage roll up garage door. I didn’t catch a before, but this is a big upgrade for this customer. We have a solution for everyone, call the Pro’s who know at A Plus.

Chi carriage house series garage doors

Chi carriage house series garage doors give your home that amazing curb appeal it needs. Stand out from the Jones, and make your house pop. We can’t wait for the finishing touches to be completed.

Insulated garage door replacement

Not only does this door turn heads, but it comes with an R value of 17.66, and it’s impact rated. Haas Garage Doors in our opinion surpasses all of the rest in quality, and durability.

Liftmaster surge protector garage door opener

The most common garage door opener related issue is power surges. It doesn’t matter if it’s a feedback from the power grid, or a lightning strike. The circuitry inside your opener is all low voltage (24 volts) and it is very easy to burn up you circuit board. The whole house surge protectors do not …

Another quality garage door replacement.

Only one thing needs to be said here, it’s the most dramatic improvement to this home. This door will give them many reliable years of use.

Commercial roll up overhead garage door

Commercial rollup doors are a great way to save headroom in your warehouse. They don’t have a horizontal track system. The down side is, they need constant maintenence, and when the curtain is damaged it’s time to buy a new door.