Installation errors on a garage door opener

Installing a garage door opener looks easy but if it’s not done correctly you can damage your garage door and opener. This unit needed to be taken down and completely reinstalled. Can you point out what is wrong with this picture?

Garage door torsion springs

Garage door torsion springs are most certainly meant for the professionals to service and install. The risk of injury is very high as the springs and under load when installed on your door. The other reason a professional should install your torsion springs is they may all look alike but are meant for different weights/heights …

Garage door maintenance

Noisy garage doors can cause all kinds of problems, especially for anyone sleeping above or next to the garage. Most noisy garage door problems can be fixed with maintenance and replacing a few parts. We can handle all this for you by simply calling for your free estimate. We can quiet most doors down by …

Commercial warehouse door installation

Today we started a job in Eustice for a customer on his commercial warehouse. We started with the 14×11’9 Haas bead board garage door that you see installed here. Upon completion this warehouse will be secured to store his collectible Dodge Vipers. Whatever your reason is for upgrading or in installing a new garage door …

Clopay canyon ridge garage door

Returned to this customers house a year later to check up on their door. Yup, it’s still just as beautiful as when I installed it over a year ago. Talk about curb appeal, wow!

2′ inch insulated Haas garage door

This door has an insulation value of R17.66, the frosted glass let’s the light in, and still maintains privacy. Perfect to keep the garage comfortable, and now an a/c drop can be added to the room for comfort.