Installation errors on a garage door opener

Installing a garage door opener looks easy but if it’s not done correctly you can damage your garage door and opener. This unit needed to be taken down and completely reinstalled. Can you point out what is wrong with this picture?

Garage door maintenance

Noisy garage doors can cause all kinds of problems, especially for anyone sleeping above or next to the garage. Most noisy garage door problems can be fixed with maintenance and replacing a few parts. We can handle all this for you by simply calling for your free estimate. We can quiet most doors down by …

Garage door new construction

New construction is coming back in a big way. We have been on more new construction jobs this year, than in the previous 3 years combined. Are you thinking of building your dream home? Make sure you get the curb appeal you want, with some new custom garage doors. We have many options to choose …

Haas bead board garage door

Haas has many beautiful decorative doors to chose from, if you’re in the market for a new garage door, I’d take a look at their product line. Remember,  estimates are always free at A Plus Garage Door Service.

Operator bracket damage garage door automatic opener

Preventative maintenance saves you money. This occurs when the door tension is not correct. It puts extra work on the garage door opener, which is not designed to lift weight. The springs do all the lifting, a general test is to lift the door manually,  if it’s heavy for you to lift, than it’s heavy …

Damaged operator stile

This type of damage occurs when the wrong operator bracket is used (the one that comes in the retail box). To prevent this from happening to your door, and voiding your warranty, call a professional with the proper brackets. Prevention is cheaper than replacement.