Damaged garage door section by customer.

Here is a good example of why you want a professional to repair your garage door. Skipping a step on the YouTube video you watched may cost you a small fortune. This customer just purchased this door from us a year ago, forgot to do his annual service as instructed, then attempted the repair himself, …

Commercial garage doors with Jack shaft opener.

These beauties are mounted on one of the best constructed steel buildings I have seen in awhile. The track is following the roof, because the home owner plans on putting lifts in. We were able to accommodate him to get him the height he needed, we also included the exhaust ports on the doors to …

Damaged top section garage door

This damaged top section was pulled in because the home owner locked the door and pushed the opener button which did this damage. When the opener is connected to the door, the opener takes place of the manual lock. Don’t make this costly mistake.

garage door repair operator bracket

It’s important to do your annual garage door tune up to avoid this type of damage. What you see is the connecting arm from the garage door opener pulled out the bracket connected to the door, and ripped the top section/stile. This resulted from the opener lifting weight, openers are not designed to lift weight …

Low headroom rear torsion garage door

This is not your standard torsion spring set up for a garage door. The ceiling height was too low to allow sufficient clearance for the door to open. We put a set of low head tracks and then moved the torion springs to the rear. This is a worst case scenario when dealing with restricted …

garage door opener circuit board and capacitor.

This is the internals of your garage door openers circuitry. Everything inside of the opener. that is pluged into your 110v outlet steps down to 24v. What this means is, it’s very important to protect with some sort of surge protection. Power surges account for about 50% of garage door opener issues.

Long panel garage door replacement

This customer is in the middle of repairing this house to put it on the market. New garage doors sell houses. Get the curb appeal you need to get your potential client in the door.

Full view glass garage doors

Clopay Avante full view glass garage doors look amazing. We removed the old existing door and storefront to install these attractive doors. A plus has got everyone covered no matter what your style may be.