Haas garage door new construction

This new construction by 3D builders will be getting some very nice Haas garage doors. If you’re in the planning phase of your build go to haasdoor.com and check out their product guide. After that give us a call to plan that build. We look forward to assisting you with all your garage door projects […]

Installation errors on a garage door opener

Installing a garage door opener looks easy but if it’s not done correctly you can damage your garage door and opener. This unit needed to be taken down and completely reinstalled. Can you point out what is wrong with this picture?

Garage door torsion springs

Garage door torsion springs are most certainly meant for the professionals to service and install. The risk of injury is very high as the springs and under load when installed on your door. The other reason a professional should install your torsion springs is they may all look alike but are meant for different weights/heights […]

Garage door maintenance

Noisy garage doors can cause all kinds of problems, especially for anyone sleeping above or next to the garage. Most noisy garage door problems can be fixed with maintenance and replacing a few parts. We can handle all this for you by simply calling for your free estimate. We can quiet most doors down by […]

Coachman barn style garage door

This is a beautiful Coachman barn style garage door. You get that sliding barn door look with the modern convenience of an overhead garage door. If you’re looking for curb appeal, this is the way to go. Estimates are always free from your local garage door company serving all of Central Florida but our home […]

Garage door opener repair

This is what happens when a garage door opener is installed and adjusted incorrectly. It can result in damage to your door, opener, and ceilings like our local Deltona resident figured out. Garage door openers should only be installed by a professional because one of the items you must adjust are the torsion springs. Trying […]

This happens too often.

We always recommend to park as far away from the garage door as possible. This one was done by a tow truck cable coming loose and the car rolling into the door. They need a full garage door replacement now and we installed this new door less than 2 years ago. Our service area covers […]

Damaged garage door section by customer.

Here is a good example of why you want a professional to repair your garage door. Skipping a step on the YouTube video you watched may cost you a small fortune. This customer just purchased this door from us a year ago, forgot to do his annual service as instructed, then attempted the repair himself, […]