Clopay gallery series garage door replacement

This customer got new pavers and decided to update that old fiberglass garage door. The pavers by themselves look good, but the most dramatic improvement is the garage door. The before and after say it all.

Haas builders grade garage door

We are seriously impressed with haas, even their builders grade pan door far surpasses any other manufacturers on the market. The cost is the same as other products, but better quality.

Haas bead board impact garage door

This job was collaborative effort of our new affiliation with lifetime cabinets. We buttoned this house up nicely with new windows, cabinets,  counter tops, and garage door. What a dramatic difference before and after. That was one happy home owner.

Chi glass top garage door replacement

A glass top on any model garage door replacement, is a great way to lighten up that dark garage. You can add a glass top to your existing garage door (as long as the manufacturer is still in business). Call today for your quote.